Leica DM2700M




  • Incident light:

Robust incident light axis with 4-position reflector turret for BF/DF/POL/DIC and FLUO

› with oblique illumination

› with Color-coded Diaphragm Assistant (CDA)

› with centreable Aperture iris diaphragm

› with IL-Filter magazine for 2 filters – Ø 32 mm

  • Objectives:

› HI PLAN EPI Objectives 5x, 10x, 20x

› N PLAN EPI Objectives 2.5x–100x

› PLAN FLUOTAR Objectives 1.25x–100x

› PLAN APO Objectives 0,7x Macro 50x, 100x, 150x

  • Focusing:

2-gear focusing (coarse/fine with 1 μm micrometer scale with top focus stop)

3-gear focusing (coarse/medium/ fine with 1 and 4 μm micrometer scales with top focus stop)

Torque coarse focus, adjustable stage height stop

  • Stage stroke 25 mm