530.417/618   Fabricatology – Advanced Materials Processing  – Undergraduate/Graduate Elective Course

The “Fabricatology” is a course that students can learn how to make desired shapes, structures, and surfaces across various length scales. It will introduce rich scientific and engineering knowledge related to fabrication at multiple length scales and the generated materials and mechanical systems can be utilized for studying diverse topics including energy harvesting, metamaterials, wetting, and information storage. From this course, students can learn principles and technologies to control shapes at various length scales and processes to control internal structures or surface properties for desired properties/functions. They will be also introduced to exciting recent developments in the field so that they can have a comprehensive knowledge about the subject.
Recommended course background: Introduction to materials chemistry (EN.510.101 or the equivalent), General Physics II (AS.171.102 or the equivalent), Introductory Chemistry I (AS.030.101 or the equivalent)

530.436/636         Bioinspired Science and Technology  – Undergraduate/Graduate Elective Course

Nature has been a source of inspiration for scientists and engineers and it receives particular attention recently to address many challenges the human society encounter. The course will study novel natural materials/structures with unique properties, the underlying principles, and the recent development of the bio-inspired materials and systems. From this course, students can learn about ingenious and sustainable strategies of organisms, open eyes about various phenomena in nature, and get inspiration for opening new directions of science and technology.

530.352         Materials Selection – Undergraduate Core Course

An introduction to the properties and applications of a wide variety of materials: metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites. Considerations include availability and cost, formability, rigidity, strength, and toughness. This course is designed to facilitate sensible materials choices so as to avoid catastrophic failures leading to the loss of life and property.

530.809         Mechanics of Materials and Structures Graduate Seminar – Required Course for Graduate Students in Mechanics of Materials and Structures Groups

A seminar course to encourage collaboration among mechanics of materials and structures groups and to enhance presentation and communication skills.